lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Rex Invictus

Rex Invictus, melodía y fuerza desde Cantabria

Escúchalos AQUÍ
Listen to them HERE

The band say: "We're a Cantabrian Heavy Metal band. Right now we sound melodic and powerful. The members of the band are : TELLO (voice), PEDRO (rythm guitar), RAMON (lead guitar), NACHO (base guitar) and BASI DARKNESS (drums). Our influences are many, here are some: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Barón Rojo, Black Sabbath, Saratoga, Kiss and many more...! Our goal is to play live as much as possible... We firmly believe that a band must be close to their fans... and playing live you will achieve that....Thanks 4 your support and see u in our next concert... NOSTER REX INVICTUS EST...!!! ".

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